Rice Paper Rolls


  • 8                      Rice paper wrapper
  • s60 gm           Rice noodles, cooked
  • 100gm            Chicken meat cooked
  • 8                      Basil Leaves
  • 3                      Mint leaves, sliced
  • 1                       Carrot, cleaned & cut in thin strips
  • 1                       Red Capsicum, cleaned & cut into thin strips
  • 1                       Avocado, cleaned & sliced
  • 1tsp                 Peanuts, chopped & roasted.
  • 1                       Lime, halved.
  •                          Fish Sauce
  •                          Salt & Pepper


  • In a large mixing bowl add the carrot, capsicum, chicken meat, a few drops of fish sauce, and a squeeze of lime, then mix together with some salt & pepper.

  • In another bowl, half fill with warm water. Dip one wrapper in the water for a second or so to soften, then remove, allow to drain, and place on a tea towel.

  • In the center of the wrapper place some of the noodles, the vegi mix, slice of avocado, a sprinkle of the peanuts, and a basil leaf.

  • Now fold the back of the wrapper tightly over the filling, bring both sides in towards the middle, and finish of by rolling into a neat roll

  • Serve with a little peanut sauce.

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