Carrot & Mint Salad

Carrot & Mint Salad


  • 5                      Carrots, peeled & topped
  • 8 leaves           Mint, washed & picked
  • 2 sprig             Dill, picked
  • 2 tsp                Dijon Mustard
  • 2tbsp               Sherry Vinegar
  • 100 ml             Olive Oil, extra virgin
  •                         Sea Salt


  • Thinly slice the carrot on a mandolin into a mixing bowl, and set to one side.

  • In a deep container add the herbs, mustard, vinegar, and oil.

  • Bind together with an immersion blender, till it becomes thick (emulsifies)

  • Season with salt.

  • To complete the salad, add the dressing to the carrot and allow to sit covered in the fridge for an hour, prior to service.

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