Cucumber & Chicken Witch


  • 15      Cucumber slices ½ cm thick
  • 5        Cherry Tomato
  • 200g Cooked chicken, diced small
  • 5        Swiss Cheese, slices, cut to the size of cucumber rounds
  • 50g   Mayonnaise
  •           Lettuce
  • 1        Lemon, juice
  •           Small Skewers


  • Mix together in a deep mixing bowl the chicken, mayonnaise, and lemon juice, till well incorporated, it should not be too wet.
  • Begin with a cucumber slice as your base, add to it some lettuce, ensure that is has been trimmed to fit the size of the cucumber.
  • To this add a little of the chicken mixture, then a slice of cheese, and top with another round of cucumber.
  • Follow with a slice of tomato, a little more of the chicken, top with another cucumber slice, then skewer, and serve.

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