Spanish Hoops


  • 6                       Eggs.
  • 50ml                Passata, tomato sauce.
  • 100gm             Red Capsicum, sliced.
  • 100gm             Green Capsicum, sliced.
  • 100gm             Onion, peeled & sliced.
  •                          Basil Leaves, torn. 
  •                          Olive oil  
  •                          Salt & Pepper


  • Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl (leave the shell out of the bowl please!), together with salt & pepper to taste. Then whisk together till all is mixed up.

  • Heat a fry pan, add a little oil and cook off the onions till golden brown, then allow to cool.*

  • Then add to the mixture the passata, capsicum both red & green, the onion, and the basil leaves, and mix well..

  • Wipe out the same pan, and put back on the heat with a little olive oil, oil up an egg ring and place in the pan. Add the eggs mixture into the rings and allow to cook on the first side, you will see it change colour as it cooks. Then after a few minutes flip it over to the other side to finish off the cooking.

  • Tap out of the molds, and serve up with a freshly made green salad, Yummy!

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