Tall & Long Salad

Tall & Long Salad


  • 2                      Tomatoes
  • 6                      Bocconcini cheese sliced.
  • 1 bnch            Fresh Basil, pick the large leaves.
  •                         Olive oil
  •                         Balsamic vinegar
  •                         Salt & Pepper


  • Line a mold or cup with some glad wrap.

  • Cut the cheeks of the tomato off around the core, leaving a square center behind, which you can eat later.

  • Take the seeds out of the tomato and flatten out each cheek between a tea towel.

  • Lay first the tomato in the bottom of your mold, then some basil leaves, then some cheese, continue the system till you have reached the top. It helps to squash down between each layer, so give it a go.

  • Cover and place in the fridge for at least an hour, you may need to ask mum & dad to keep time!

  • Uncover, put a plate onto and turn out onto the plate.

  • Drizzle over some oil and finally the balsamic vinegar.

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