Why Bubble Muffin TV

Watch our intro to Bubble Muffin TV and laugh!

What is your favorite fruit?

What is your favorite fruit to eat, we asked some of our club members their thoughts of what fruit they prefer to eat.

Australian Native Foods

Time to learn from some of the masters about foods native to Australia.

School Lunches in France

This is not just your average dry sandwich in plastic wrap, take a look at this. I never got this when I went to school!

Just some more Craziness for you!

What is it that you like to eat, we asked some of our club members to tell us!

Indian Food with Mr. G. Ramsay

Lets explore some Indian food from the horses mouth with our own special guide, very interesting.

Japanese school lunches.

One of our club members from Japan sent this through for us, how fantastic is this?

Bush Tucker Kids

Some of our club members from up in the Kimberleys sent this through to us, hope you all like it?

Just a little fun!

We put together this little bit of craziness just for fun, let us know what you think?

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