Cooking Workshops

The Bubble Muffin™, Cooking workshops are a fully interactive cooking format show. Designed to spark interest and impress upon the audience several key lessons within each workshop, which include:

  • Benefits of Healthy foods
  • Ingredient recognition
  • Ways to enjoy vitamin rich foods
  • Cooking techniques
  • How to have fun with food

The recipes and theme of each workshop changes, the Bubble Muffin™ team is constantly researching and perfecting techniques, and recipes to include in our workshops.

The Bubble Muffin™ Cooking workshops are suitable for:

  • Primary Schools – Incursion Workshops, Holiday Workshops
  • Early Learning Centres – Incursion Workshops
  • Retail Centres - Food Activation Program Workshops
  • Agricultural Shows / Festivals
  • Birthday Parties

Bubble Muffin™ has also developed several programs to address the requirements of special needs learning centres, and looks forward to developing further workshops with the assistance of both the staff and students. For further information on our Cooking Workshops or to book a Bubble Muffin show hit the button

Class sizes are limited only by your venues space constraints, Bubble Muffin™ can work with any size audience from an intimate 10 – 25 children or a crazy 60 – 70 children. You let us know your what you want and we will make it happen!

For further information, hit the Expression Of Interest button, fill in your details to get the ball rolling and we will respond to you promptly.

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    Agricultural Shows

    Retail Centres

    A typical Workshop consists of:

    • A practical cooking show for children
    • Fully interactive
    • Ages from 4 – 12 years old
    • Local produce used, where possible
    • Packed with fun & excitement

    Workshop units include:

    • Introduction
    • Information | Explanation of specific ingredients
    • Recipe Demo | The featured recipe will be explained
    • Cooking time | Each child will prepare the featured recipe themselves, after
    • Recap | At the end of each show there will be a question time

    Once Bubble Muffin™ understand the requirements of our client, we then tailor a workshop to suit, ensuring both clients and customers are happy whilst maintaining our goal objectives.

    Parents are always welcome and are in-fact encouraged to be a part of the show, to get in there and help out their child. Bubble Muffin™ adheres to the Australian Dietary guidelines.

    For further information on our Cooking Workshops hit the button, and let us know what interests you!

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