Cooking Challenge

The Bubble Muffin™, Cooking Challenge is a competition to engage children, schools and families not just to compete but rather to challenge themselves. All competitions are focused on expanding an understanding of healthy eating and lifestyles. The objectives of the Cooking Challenge include:

  • Recipe writing and food costing
  • Understanding taste, textures, aromas, and visual appeal
  • Imagination
  • Understanding nutritional properties of foods
  • Cooking techniques
  • How healthy food can be enjoyed

Bubble Muffin™ Cooking Challenge competitions are designed to be scalable, offering opportunity for all customers to utilise this product, no matter what size. The challenges are suited to older children (approx. 6 years old) as they can appreciate the benefits of the program.

The Challenge is for:
  • Primary Schools
  • Retail Centres
  • Agricultural Shows / Festivals
  • Special Needs Learning Centres
  • Indigenous Communities

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  • Individuals
  • Schools
  • Classes / Groups

Challenges will be set in conjunction with the client and potential sponsors, with particular ingredients incorporated into the competitions guidelines, as agreed upon. All challenges will focus on healthy recipes, ingredients and cooking methods.

For further information on our Creating Recipes programs hit the link and let us know what interests you.

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    Winner 2017 -The Great Lamb Burger Challenge

    What You Need To Do

    • Design a healthy recipe
    • All recipes will need to include a guest ingredient
    • Guidelines will be set for who is eligible to enter
    • There will be a guide outlining the components of the recipe
    • Lastly what entries need to include.

    The objective of every challenge is experimentation, getting hands on, making mistakes and learning. Imagination is key, as long as the contestants work within the guidelines of the competition, anything is possible.

    Each entry will be scored from 0 – 10 on four standard judging points, which include:

    • Imagination
    • Balance
    • Technique
    • Fun

    There will be a panel of four judges (minimum), comprising of a Bubble Muffin™ team member, a sponsor/s, and an organiser (principle, mayor, manager). Each scoring independently with totals tallied to ascertain places.

    For further information on our Creating Recipe programs hit the link and let us know what interests you.

    Competition Benefits

    • Schools recognized in local and social media for community involvement.
    • Children gain confidence and learn about food preparation and cooking.
    • Participants further culinary education – through professional advice & guidance
    • Children develop new, new friendships

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