Food Knowledge Workshops

The Bubble Muffin™ Food Knowledge workshop are a stage show format, designed to entertain and educate audiences in a uniquely Bubble Muffin™ way.

These workshops are specifically designed to teach:

  • Food Science (basic science principles)
  • Food recognition & knowledge
  • Cooking principles
  • Food utilisation
  • Lateral thinking
  • Food safety

Recipes and techniques are sampled in the Bubble Muffin™ test kitchen prior to being included in our workshops. The team is constantly searching (locally & overseas) for exciting ways to incorporate the combined knowledge of gastronomy and sciences into our performances.

The Food Knowledge workshops are separated into 25 minute, or 45 minute performances, which are suitable for:

  • Primary Schools – Incursion, Holiday Programs
  • Early Learning Centres – Incursion
  • Retail Centres - Food Activation Programs
  • Agricultural Shows / Festivals
  • Birthday Parties
  • Indigenous Communities

Audience size is only limited by the venues space restriction, the Food Knowledge workshops are suitable for audiences of 100+ or can be scaled down for a conservative 10. Workshop formats are tailored to suit the requirements of our customers’ needs which in many cases vary significantly, whilst maintaining the integrity of Bubble Muffins™ goals.

The Food Knowledge workshops are also designed to conform with the requirements of special needs learning centres. For further information on this or one of our other workshops please hit the button.

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    A typical workshop consists of:

    • A practical performance highlighting a variety of food products and produce.
    • A demonstrative style show
    • Ages from 4 – 15 years old
    • Multiple culinary & science techniques demonstrated
    • Packed with fun & excitement

    Key Workshop Units include:

    • Introduction
    • Choosing |Search for helpers to assist onstage
    • Information | Explanation of recipe/s and ingredients
    • Recipe Demo | The featured recipe/s demonstrated
    • Recap | At the end of each show there will be a question time
    • Interaction |Time to touch, smell, (occasionally) taste ingredients

    All performances have a science element to them, though are divided into two main categories, which are listed here with workshop themes:

    1. Food Science
    • State of Matter
    • Emulsification
    • Elasticity
    • Gelation
    2. Crazy Foods
    • Lunchboxes
    • Cheese Making
    • Making inedible, edible

    Parents are always welcome and are in-fact encouraged to be a part of the show, to get in there and help out their child. Bubble Muffin™ adheres to the Australian Dietary guidelines.

    For further information on our Understanding Food Workshops hit the button, and let us know what interests you!

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