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Asparagus & Prosciutto Fritti

These are fantastic for a snack in Summer.

Moo Moo Witch

A quirky look at a steak sandwich favorite

Cucumber & Chicken Witch

Sandwiches do not always need bread!

Avo & Chick Royal

Here is a totally different type of sandwich you...

Pumpkin & Cheese Mini’s

A square take on the sandwich concept, we have...

Summer Lettuce Wrap

Fantastic, way to explore a variety of ingredients for...

Jamon Grissini with Truffle Mayo

Why does the ingredients have to be on the...

Rice Paper Rolls

Well.. this is a type of sandwich that you...

Bruschetta with Peppers & Goats Cheese

Something fresh and yummy

There’s a Whole In My Pocket!

A meeting of cultures in this innovative artistic sandwich.

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